Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend news..

by Austin

Generally I m a well behaved creature but I cann t stop barking whenever in an unfamiliar place...That's a big problem for my family cause they can t take me anywhere they want since I annoy other people around.
Things will become strange from now on and I don t know what will happen , and here is why.....
My grandparents rented a flat near the sea for the summer.That means we have a place near the beach and we can go any eh? But I went yesterday and I was a bit nervous and jumped up at every noise. I have the feeling that they are unhappy cause they want me to go there with them, but think about the other people in the other apartments as well..
Anyway, I must say that I ll try to behave , but also any advice would be extremely useful and welcomed!!
troubled Austin

Sunday, June 22, 2008

And it's getting hotter...

by Austin

I was really waiting for the summer but that's tooooo much! It 's still June and I measure 43 degrees celcium 2 days ago...I couldn't do anything.No walk, no energy, no nothing...I was lying on the floor changing spots every 5 minutes to find a cooler place.

My family is on the verge of a breakdown too. They drink water all the time and have showers...Fortunately I spend most of my time at my grandparents' where is much cooler than the other house which I don't like at all by the way....Whenever I go there, I stand behind the door to show that I want to leave...Don't get me wrong...I love my parents but they change houses all the time (4 so far in my life) and I don't like it...

anyway, I m off to find a cool spot...hope you have found yours...



Sunday, June 15, 2008

Healthy teeth, nice smile, fresh breath!

yes, you can do it!!
by Austin

One of the things mum gets crazy about , is clean teeth...not only for me but everyone in the family, so how could I get away??

Since I was a baby, I remember mum asking the vet what she could do to help me have healthy teeth. An everyday habit I was advised to pick up, is chewing bones, (if that is the name).You can find them in a big variety concerning flavours, colors and most importantly sizes. The size counts,in this case, because I hold it with my hands and if it's huge I cannot manage it. So, get the right one. Also, observe the reaction of your stomach to new bones because some of them might cause you trouble.(speaking from expereience).

Mum is crazy enough,(did I mention that earlier?)to have a toothbrush especially for me.The truth is she tried hard to make me accept it but I do believe is one of really few things I didn't put up with. So soon ,she gave up...
But 2 months ago , I went to the vet and had my teeth cleaned!!! It did not hurt, it was quick (about 15min), and my teeth are as white as snow and my breath as fresh as summer breeze!!!!Charming eh??

However, do ask your vet when it 's the right time cause I was advised not to do it at an early age.

So, as you can see , it's easy and it's good for you....
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer bugs

by Austin

Hello again!

Now that the weather is good, I really like to go out as much as possible,which is a good thing cause I've got a lot of energy and it should be directed somewhere, but I must be extra careful because of the several bugs that fly around at this time of year.

It is widely known that in this period there are a lot of insects that can be extemely dangerous for me. Although I don't want to scare you, thay can even cause death!! Some simple measures of precaution are the following:

1)Don't get out before 6 in the morning and after sunset cause that's the time these creatures are most likely to be around.

2)Never forget to put on protection, either in the form of spay, collar or liquid ampules.

3)Brush your hair regularly to remove insects that came on you during your walk.

4)In the slightest sign of not being well, refer to a vet.

5)Be extra careful if you live on the groung floor or near a garden.

6)MOST IMPORTANT: When summer's gone, don't forget to have the special calazar test , to make sure you are healthy and well.

I believe that if you stick to this simple advice, you'll enjoy your walks carefree!!!

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

summer haircut for dogs

by Austin

The weather has become really hot and I decided to ask for a haircut although I try to avoid it as much as possible....I have to stand still for such a long time , that I go crazy afterwards!!! But the time has come for me to face reality and point my nose to the scissors...I must admit , I have trained them pretty well , cause they now fully understand what I ask for. My main problem is that I don't like people touching my paws cause they are sensitive, but I can't have military haircut everywhere and leave my feet like bushes...I think that style is girly....and I can't have that!!!

You know, the cool thing about my family is that they have found ways to groom or cut my hair at home, so I don't have to go elsewhere AND they don't have to pay every once in a while...They've got a good quality pair of scissors to shorten the hair, and then they've bought a trimming machine (which by the way was advertised for human beards and moustaches) and I get a good , clean haircut whenever I see fit!!

IMPORTANT TIPS really careful when you cut your dog's hair....our skin is extremely sensitive and we bleed easily...
If you haven't done it before, be VERY patient until your pet gets used to the procedure...the first time will be difficult indeed , but as the time goes by, things will imrove greatly! I can tell from my own experience...the first time , it took us around 2 hours to finish, but now, in 20 min, I look my best!!

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