Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Glorious day coming...

by Austin

Hi everyone...winter has settled in and I feel anxious about xmas holidays and presents!!I haven t been shopping yet but I soon will. For the time being , dad keeps me happy by taking me to long walks in the countryside since we moved last month and he has more time now. Mum calls me 'Austin the mountainous'. But the real thrill about this month is my....BIRTHDAY! It s on the 15th and I look forward to it , as the rest of the family so that they can eat sweets, and wait for the presents I get. I will probably have a small party this year cause it s a Monday, but who cares as long as it s a party..... wish I could invite you all ....anyway, I know I will have fun since I ll be with loved ones even few....
Hope you enjoy your xmas preparations

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