Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back to school...

for some of us....
Hello everyone! I ve been away for long , I know, but it wasn t my intation....mum remembers her school years and started studied for an online degree and she neglects several things...although I can t say she forgets my needs!!
I think she looks happier now since she started cause something important ia going on in her life. I wish I could do something so interesting...I m bored quite often and sleep a lot. Any ideas dear friends?
either for a game or to keep myself occupied when I m alone?? Everybody is back on track for the winter and I have to dosomething too.
One thing I will surely do , is my annual medical exams which I don t like but they are really essential for my good health. I suggest you do them too.
Anyway, rain is coming and I feel like lying by the window.....see you soon

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