Friday, July 25, 2008


by Austin
I m off.....with grandpa and grandma!!! We are on our way to our summer home and I m absolutely thrilled!!! Grandpa is fine now and he couldn t stand a moment in the city so ahead for the sea.....Mum and dad will go to an island for 5 days but I dont care cause I know I ll have a great time and numerous treats I don t usually get. so, I packed my things , bones, toys, wet napkins, food and my favourite pillow and I sail to the sweet sound of summer breeze.....ah....I could become a poet I know....
kisses to all

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A difficult week for everyone...

by Austin
Hi everyone...I was away for a while cause I m left alone more than I m used to ....and the reason is good sadly...grandpa is in hospital and all the family have to be there in turns but go to work too. I can understand that there is a problem, and I try not to nag ....I m sad too that he is away cause we sleep together every noon after lunch and we watch the 8 o clock news in his armchair....however I hear that things are going well for him and the doctors will let him come to me again I keep my paws crosses!
hope all of you are in good health

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